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Thinnakara Tent Houses

Thinnakara island is situated just opposite side of Bangaram island and share the vast lagoon and coralline banks, the actual lagoon area amounts to 125.21 Sq kms. On the north-south edge of the lagoon Parali (i); Parali (ii) are situated.

Thinnakara is a tiny teardrop shaped island which lies 8 km northeast from Agatti, where the airport is located. The panorama encompasses magnificent lagoons, sylvan sea shores, sun drenched sand and the enchantment of swaying palms, spectacular marine flora and fauna, and All these harmonies to form a colorful kaleidoscope typical of an archipelago paradise. During the nights, phosphorescent plankton washed ashore on the coral sands imparts a blue glow to the beach which is totally enchanting.

Thinnakara Island opened for international tourists, accommodation facility available in the beach seashore well managed Tent is available, nonstop thrilling activities available at Thinnakara.Famous scuba diving sport at Thinnakara, Bangaram can visit by sailing boat, kayaking, speed boat, snorkeling etc.


How To Reach

By Air

The union yerritory has an airport in Agatti, which is regularly connected by flights from Kochi (Cochin) the capital of Kerala. Kochi (Cochin) is an international airport and also linked almost all main cities in India.

The Pawan Hans helicopter service is also provided to visit the islands. The flying time between Agatti and Kochi (Cochin) is only one hour and a half. From Agatti you can find helicopter services to reach Kavaratti (an important city in the region) round the year and Bangaram Island in the monsoons. More Detail...

By Sea

Traveling by ship is also a good option to reach Lakshadweep. A number of passenger ships operate from Kochi (Cochin) to Lakshadweep. The distance can be travelled in nearly 18 to 20 hours. The ships offer a range of accommodation and modern amenities. However, during the monsoons, the ship services remain closed.

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